About Me

I am a fullstack web developer with a penchant for Ruby on Rails and React. Application security is something I am very focused on. Using Rust to explore building native programs has been a recent project of mine. I am always interested in learning more about security and cloud computing. I also enjoy contributing to open source projects.

How I can help your organization

I can help bring your vision from idea to production. I am familiar with technologies in the entire web stack. I am comfortable working with databases, memory caches, job queues, web servers, cloud services, Linux distributions, containers and orchestration, Bash scripting, backend code, and frontend code. I have also worked extensively with REST web APIs and I have utilized them to integrate third-party systems into web applications.

How I work

I like interactive organizational roles and I enjoy working with people and using information to provide a service. My approach is cordial, considerate and consensus-driven. When leading, I am flexible but judicious. My strategy is to organize and coordinate activities and encourage cooperation to get things done.

I strive to be flexible and I promote a team approach. To overcome problems, I look for choices, discuss options and try to find a positive way out. I am motivated to anticipate potential problems and prepare for action. When making decisions, I guard against being surprised, build a strategy, and commit myself to a doable outcome. My confidence is increased by dialog to develop a reasonable position.